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Program Chair - Carol Jacobsen

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November 2017   -   Joen Wolfrom

After leaving her career in the educational field to become a homemaker in 1974, Joen became interested in quilt making and textile art. During a span of fifteen years, she created commissioned textile art for private clients and corporations. Her work is included in collections throughout the world. As a guest lecturer/instructor on the subject of color and design, Joen has taught throughout the United States and in England, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Joen is the author of twelve previously published books and products.

Lecture  -  November 9, 2017

“Adventures in Design”

Would you like to seek new ways to create your own spectacular quilts? This presentation gives you a multitude of ways to design spectacular quilts. Thoughtful design choices, innovative ideas, border concerns, and quilt design pit-falls will be presented. (Note: This presentation provides some very basic design concepts that can make the difference between an OK-looking quilt and a stunning quilt.)

2-Day Workshop   Friday, November 10 & 11, 2017 
“Lighting Up Your Quilts"

2-day workshop - $160 members, $185 non-members (includes membership)  

It’s surprising how easy it is to light up your quilts with seemingly magical color effects. We begin class by going over the most important color basics, so that you have a good foundation of color understanding. Then we will explore the fascinating world of color illusions in quilts, beginning with depth, luminosity, and luster. As time permits, we will experiment with the illusions of shadows, highlights, and transparency. It is my goal to have you leave class excited to begin using these amazing illusions in your future quilts. (This is my favorite color class.) Class length: 2 or 3 days               All skill levels

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