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Program Chair -Sharleen Rainville

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May 2019  -  Mel Beach


Mel Beach is a San Jose, CA based quilt artist, teacher and lecturer, who breaks away from tradition by adding her own modern, beautifully textured and colorful twists.  She loves stretching her creativity through her completion of 60+ quilt challenges at the local and international level.  Her quilt challenge entries draw upon her inquisitive nature of asking "What If?", working in a series, comedy improv studies along with her love of nature, photography and sketching.   Many of her challenge quilts have been exhibited locally, juried into national quilt shows and traveling exhibits, published in books/magazines, earned awards/ribbons and selected as Finalists.     She is an Aurifil Artisan and a Featured Artist on The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims (episode 2112). 

Lecture  -  May 9, 2019

"Challenge Yourself"

Discover the world of Quilt Challenges and the many opportunities awaiting you (and your quilts!) Join me as I recount my adventures (including a few misadventures while participating in Quilt Challenges at both the local and national/international level. I hope to inspire you by sharing my own quilts and their stories, along with tips/tricks that I hope will inspire and encourage you to enter your own quilts, regardless of style of level of experience/skill!

1-Day Workshop   
Friday, May 10, 2019
“A Slice of Improv"

1-day workshop - $60 members
Let’s explore improvisational piecing one slice at a time! We’ll warm up with the basic Slice and Insert technique and then introduce simple variations that lead to exciting design opportunities. Bring your scraps and get ready for some improvisational fun!!


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1-Day Workshop   
Saturday, May 11, 2019
“Walking Foot Wow"

1-day workshop - $60 members

Create beautiful, modern quilted texture with your walking foot. Let's move beyond the basic stitching in the ditch and explore decorative stitches, repeat patterns and even gentle curves to create drama and eye catching quilting designs to your unfinished quilt tops!              


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