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June 7, 1974

A group of 8 women met at the home of Iva Lindsay to organize a quilt group. The founding members were:
Sarah Lee, Joyce Ackley, Yvonne Uptmor, Iva Lindsay, Margaret Jones, Marilyn Knutson, Marji Hadley and Agnes Thulin.

The name chosen for the group was "Clark County Quilters" and anyone with an interest in quilting could join. The group would meet 4 times a year for workshops to make laprobes and bags for nursing home residents and crib quilts.

The first officers were: Joyce Ackley, President; Yvonne Uptmor, Vice President; Marji Hadley, Secretary; Margaret Jones, Treasurer.

The Clark County Quilters became incorporated as a non-profit organization with the state of Washington in October 1977. In the first years CCQ was very much a charity orientated organization. In addition to the projects mentioned above, the members were asked to make toys for the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Giveaway. In 1980 we started making doll quilts and blankets for them.

Dues started out at 25 cents a month. 10 cents was given to CCQ and 15 cents stayed with the small group. Membership rosters were proposed in March 1977. In 1982 they decided the covers from the previous year's membership rosters were to be reused. Members were to bring the old books to the meeting to have them switched.


Clark County Quilters Apple Tree Logo

Our logo was designed by Margi Hadley. The "Old Apple Tree" is a representation of the history of Vancouver and the first apple tree planted in the Pacific Northwest in 1826. The "Old Apple Tree" is still alive today. It was voted to become our official logo in October 1979 by the 9 members present. It was a good choice as it has definitely stood the test of time.


Quilt Shows and Raffle Quilts

The first quilt show was held March 14, 1975 at the P.U.D. building in Vancouver, WA. Admission was $1. and anyone over 60 was admitted free.

A pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls donated by Jenny Pomeroy were raffled.

Each member was asked to bring 12 slices of bread made into sandwiches and also one other item such as pie, cookies or nutbread. Money from the food sales was to be given to Sarah Lee to help with the expenses of the Clark County History Quilt.

Members were asked to bring their own frames to display the quilts. In 1990 CCQ decided to allow machine quilted quilts at the show as space allowed.

The first raffle quilt was a Bi-Centennial designed by Marji Hadley in 1976.

Opportunity Quilts

The Opportunity Quilts, formerly know as the Raffle quilt, provided opportunities for someone to receive the quilt and provided funds for a local charity. The funds have been received by the following:

1976 -- YWCA $1,546.68
1977 -- Mother Joseph $1,239.97
1979 -- Piano for Marshall Center $1,100.00
1981 -- Elahan $1,700.00
1982 -- Foster Grandparents $2,000.00
1983 -- YWCA Woman's Emergency Shelter $1,425.00
1984 -- Elderly Day Care $3,046.53
1985 -- Spina Bifida $2,075.00
1986 -- Friends Puppets $1,877.00
1987 -- Special Olypmpics $2,652.00
1988 -- Camp Opportunity $2,710.00
1989 -- PRIDE Clark College $3,000.00
1990 -- YMCA Y's Care $3,000.00
1991 -- Community Home Health and Hospice $3,925.00
1992 -- CoHo $3,000.00
1993 -- Hospice Southwest $3,200.00
1994 -- Y's Care Children"s Programs YWCA $2,603.00

1995 -- Youth Outreach of Clark County $1,447.50
1996 -- YWCA Safe Choice, Domestic Violence $2,706.00
1997 -- Open House Ministries $3,125.00
1998 -- Legacy of Life $2,400.00


1999 -- Breast Cancer Outreach $3,735.00
2000 -- Doernbecher Cystic Fibrosis Gift Acct $3,822.00
2001 -- SWWMC Hospice $4,725.00
2002 -- Andrew Kaser Children's Guild $4,256.50
2003 -- Free Clinic of SW Washington $4,768.00
2004 -- YWCA Safe Choice, Domestic Violence $3,760.79
2005 -- Babies In Need $4,765.21
2006 -- Ovarian Cancer Alliance of OR & SW WA $3,451.84
2007 -- Friends of Hospice $7,779.07
2008 -- Bridging the Gap $2,881.60
2009 -- YWCA $4,358.61
2010 -- Family Shelters/Open House Ministries $3,879.95
2011 -- Free Clinic of SW Washington $5,317.85

2012 -- Children's Justice Center $2,614.83
2013 -- Vancouver Police Department K-9 $5,023.
2014 -- Assistance League of SW Washington $3,628.62
2015 -- Babies in Need $5,373.25
2016 -- Students in Transition $6,207.
2017 -- Silver Star Search and Rescue $6,640.78

2018 -- FISH $16,694.37

CCQ Building Fund

Former CCQ member, Beulah Hodgson proposed to CCQ that we start a building fund so that CCQ could acquire a place for our library, small groups to meet, etc. Beulah donated a Tulip Quilt and it was raffled with proceeds going to the building fund. ($1891) The "Penny Bag" was passed around at each CCQ meeting and members donated pennies and other change or bills with monies going to the building fund. "A mile of pennies is $844.80. In 1987 $650.63 was collected. The bulding fund grew to over $6,000. in three years. When it became evident that we would be unable to get and maintain a building of our own, it was voted to abolish the building fund and put the money into our general fund. Beulah's dream os a place of our own is part of the reason for CCQ's current financial well being.

Block Contest

The idea of a block contest was presented in 1985 by Glenna Brock. A committee would select the theme, give fabric and color suggestions and members could enter the contest. Guests at the quilt show would vote for their favorite blocks. The blocks were then used to make the next year's raffle quilt. In January 1988 it was voted to have a yearly pin made from the design of the winning quilt block from the Block Contest. The first pin was from Jinny Hidden's Fan Block.


In 1987 Tabbards were worn by CCQ members at the Quilt Shows and public demonstrations. They were a type of "uniform" that identified the members as part of the organization. For a couple of years the board members (Officers and Committee Chairment) were asked to wear them at the CCQ meetings to make them easy to spot by new members.

Block of the Month

The Block of the Month was started in 1987. Meralee Smith was the chairman. The numbers of blocks turned in at the meetings were:

June 1987 -- 133 blocks
September 1987 -- 148 blocks
May 1988 -- 105 blocks
October 1988 -- 240 blocks

October 1989 -- 140 blocks


In 1986 CCQ had 26 books. Cabinets were purchased for our books in 1989. Prior to this, books had to be brought to the meetings by the Librarian. The library was at Jan Zavodsky's home for years.

Socks for Christmas

December 1989 was the first year we collected socks to be given to the needy. Previous Christmas activities included exchanging potholders, exchanging Christmas ornaments, and providing cookies for hospice patients.

Featured Artists Shows

Beginning in 1991 an individual or small group was selected for a "Featured Artist Show." The selected members were:

1991 -- Roberta Cook
1992 -- Sallee Sellers
1993 -- Marji Hadley
1994 -- Agnes Sunnerville
1995 -- Patricia Waterfield & Melisse Laing
1996 -- Jim Niles
1997 -- Pat's Patches Group
1998 -- Carole Schneider
1999 -- Patti Turner & Carolyn Nichols
2000 -- A Patchwork of Friends
2001 -- Coleen Swettman
2002 -- Mary Jo Lewis
2003 -- Odds 'N Ends Group
2004 -- Real Men CAN Quilt! - featuring Mike     Beardsley, Joe Carson, Eric Gunson, Russell Lord,     Jim Niles, Bradley Park, Gary Turner


2005 -- Mary Arnold, Chris Brunelle & Cathy Erickson
2006 -- Nancy Anderson & Carrie Thurnau
2007 -- Felida Firehouse Friends
2008 -- Carol Anne Olson & Linda Reinert
2009 -- Nimble Thimbles Group
2010 -- Virginia O'Donnell

2011 -- Thread Tales Book Group
2012 -- Art Quilt Group
2013 -- Dianne Kane
2014 -- Val Pellens
2015 -- Four Sisters in Stitches featuring - Jane Dudley, Mary     Morey, Judy Oakes and Audrey Prothero
2016 -- Showcasing Quilts of our Past Presidents
2017 -- Karan Brooks

Quilt Challenge

The first CCQ quilt challenge was organized by Sandy Green in 1992. Each participant made five 6 inch blocks in their choice of pattern and fabrics. The blocks were then put into a bag and given to another participant to incorporate into a finished quilt. The second Challenge was organized by the three winners of the first challenge. The second year's challenge was "Nursery Rhymes" and there needed to be a 9-patch incorporated somewhere in the finished quilt.

President's Quilt

Outgoing President, Patti Chartrand, was the first President to receive signed quilt blocks as the group's gift of appreciation as she left office in 1992. Prior to this the CCQ board took up a collection to purchase a gift for the retiring President.


The first CCQ Retreat Chairman was Susan Kelsey in 1994. The retreat was held every other year through 1998 and then became an annual event. In 2007 the retreat was changed to twice a year.

Places where CCQ has held their general meetings

The Academy
Toy Factory
Seventh Day Adventist Church
Fruit Valley Community Center
Ellsworth Elementry School Gym


Community First Federal Bank
First United Methodist Church
Church of Christ
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
First Presbyterian Church
Vancouver Church of Christ

Unsung Hero Award  

The Unsung Hero Award was created by Syn Ferguson in 2008 using excess CCQ annual pins on an old lamp base. She decided to present the award to a CCQ Volunteer. Each month the award is passed on to another Unsung Volunteer Hero.

March 2008 - Sharry Olmstead
April 2008 - Syn Ferguson
May 2008 - Jane Dudley
June 2008 - Gerri Thompson
September 2008- Cheryl Spalding
October 2008 - Nita Wells & Roberta Davis
November 2008 - James Niles & Russell Lord
December 2008 - Diana Cruz

January 2009 - Bev Herring
February 2009 - Jill Dykehouse

March 2009 - Linda Heglin
April 2009 - Val Pellens
May 2009 - Marie Wolfe
June 2009 - Terry Knott

September 2009 - Sharron Brainard
October 2009 - Beverly Woodard
November 2009 - Mary Arnold
December 2009 - Linda Reinert

January 2010 - Candy Mackey
February 2010 - Bonnie Burns

March 2010 - Sally LeRoy
April 2010 - Jenny Monbrod
May 2010 - Roberta Peterson
June 2010 - Marilee Klemmer
September 2010 - Nancy Tubbs
October 2010 - Lorraine Williams
November 2010 - Diane McDowell
December 2010 - Sandy Hollister & Susan Scott
January 2011- Maxine Kinne & Jan Savoren
February 2011 - Alene Kempton-Gragg
March 2011- no recipient
April 2011 - Bonnie Burns
May 2011 - Lin Hill
June 2011 - Bonnie Craig
September 2011 - Chris Gartin
October 2011 - Sue Lanz
November 2011 - Kathy Powell
December 2011 - Lorraine Spreadborough
January 2012 - Martha O'Neal
February 2012 - Dianne Kane
March 2012 - Sandra Miller
April 2012 - Linda Prichard
May 2012 - Marilyn Bevan
June 2012 - Marcy Shindler
September 2012 - Carolyn Nichols
October 2012 - Kathy Stonich
November 2012 - Bertie Bailey
December 2012 - Lys Leitner
January 2013 - Gayle Zachariasen
February 2013 - Nancy Jennings
March 2013 - Maxine Mueller
April 2013 - no recipient
May - Rosanne Hatfield
June 2013 - Judy Birdwell
September 2013 - Veterans in Stitches
October - Syn Ferguson
November - All CCQ Guild Members

*Syn Ferguson wrote a note about volunteers
and how the award belonged to all of us.
The award now is displayed at each general
meeting as well as at the April Quilt Show
along with the plaque.
Lifetime Membership Award

1999 -- James Niles
2002 -- Erma Huff
2009 -- Bev Herring
2009 -- Nita Wells
2010 -- Jane Dudley
2011 -- Marilyn Bevan
2012 -- Marji Hadley
2017 -- Kathy Powell &
2017 -- Lorraine Spreadborough
2018 -- Sue Lanz &
2018 -- Diana Cruz

Past Presidents
1974 Joyce Ackley
1974-1976 Margaret Hedin
1976-1978 Donna Carlson
1978-1980 Nora Aldridge
1980-1981 Gladys Hvass
1981-1982 Barbara Bell
1982-1983 Marge Clark
1983-1984 Glenna Brock
1984-1985 Shirley Walz
1985-1986 Jan Zavodsky
1986-1987 Phyllis Gildehous
1987-1988 Liz Steffy
1988-1989 Alice Waide
1989-1990 Sue Anderson
1990-1991 Pat Harte
1991-1992 Patti Chartrand
1992-1993 Susan Kelsey
1993-1994 Nancy Burkett
1994-1995 Kathy Powell
1995-1996 Chris Brunelle

1996-1997 Bev Herring
1997-1998 Abbie Dick
1998-1999 Janet Surbrook
1999-2000 Mary Holm
2000-2001 Diana Cruz
2001-2003 Linda Johnson
2003-2004 Linda Heglin
2004-2005 Liz Adamson
2005-2007 Vallita Pellens
2007-2008 Sharry Olmstead
2008-2009 Marie Murphy Wolfe
2009-2010 Marcy Shindler
2010-2011 Cheryl Spalding
2011-2012 Gerrie Thompson
2012-2013 Karan Brooks
2013-2014 Terry Knott
2014-2015 Sandie Hollister
2015-2016 Rosemary Griggs
2016-2017 Colleen Garrison
2017-2018 Su Holmes

Clark County Quilters is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization
recognized by the IRS September 07, 2017